Thursday, 27 May, 2010

JAN SUCHNA KENDRA ( An Oasis in Desert ) - RTI Activists’ new venture to strengthen RTI Movement in Uttar Pradesh

JAN SUCHNA KENDRA ( An Oasis in Desert ) - RTI Activists' new venture
to strengthen RTI Movement in Uttar Pradesh

Though RTI act shall turn 5 in a few months from now , In Uttar
Pradesh the Government Machinery is taking this act too casually to

In one Case Mr. Vijay Kumar Singh , Anusachiv /PIO of Home ( Police )
section – 15 of Uttar Pradesh Government who vide letter no. 04
rajyapal/6-pu.-15-2010 Lucknow dated 20 may 2010 , has directed the
info seeker to file appeal in the Central Information Commission
against the order of the Uttar Pradesh State Information Commission .

In Another Case , Mr. Navneet Sehgal ( I.A.S.) , Secretary to the
Chief Minister of U. P. / the appellate authority of C.M. office has
returned the appeal of section 19 ( 1 ) in original to the
info-seeker vide letter no. R.T.I.- appeal - 56/34 - lo.shi.-
3-9-16(527)/2009 lucknow dated 20 may 2010.

I think these two examples are enough to express lackluster attitude
of Babus of Uttar Pradesh towards the RTI Act and its compliance .
When this is the case of Secretariats , one can easily understand the
state of affairs in other government offices of uttar pradesh .
But as a general saying " When the going gets tough , the tough gets
going " , So RTI activists have come together to establish a JAN
SUCHNA KENDRA , a R.T.I. Clinic as a one stop centre to help RTI users
The Jan Suchna Kendra shall be centrally located at Hazratganj in
Lucknow at a walking distance from the U.P.S.I.C. and shall be
inaugurated in the month of June 2010. It shall have a rti-library
apart from all other basic requirements of an office. Soon it shall
have its sub-centers first in all commissionaires and then in all
district headquarters. These centers shall be run by rti-volunteers on
self-finance basis. All are welcome to join our campaign against
corruption. For more information please send mail at or call 8081898081.

Urvashi Sharma

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